Tortilla Chips

  • At Anita's, we take pride in bringing you the freshest, most authentic corn-based products on the market. Our full line of Fried Tortilla Chips can be crafted from Organic, GMO-free, or Conventional Corn. We proudly cook our corn at our state-of-the-art facilities, which handles both cooked corn, Nixtamal, and corn flour, Masa Harina, offering flexibility to accommodate different preferences.

  • Explore the diverse range of shapes and sizes available, from traditional triangles to custom options like round, hearts, or bells. Our machinery caters to various preferences, promotions, and holiday themed snacks, making snacking a versatile experience.

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Unique or Classic

Bring your vision to life with our customizable product solutions tailored to your specifications, or let our innovation team craft a brand-new product concept from scratch. With our expertise and dedication to innovation, your product dreams are just a collaboration away.

Restaurant Style • Thin & Crispy • Seasonal • Mainstream • Holiday • Authentic • Better For You

Our Process

Unlike many co-packers, we cook our corn in-house to ensure the highest quality and taste. Our yellow, white, and blue corn kernels are slow-cooked for up to 8 hours, to achieve the perfect consistency. Following the cooking process, we embrace the age-old method of stone grinding. This traditional technique allows us to preserve the authentic texture and flavor of our corn, setting our products apart from the rest.

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