Pellet Snacks

  • What are Pellet Snacks?

    Pellet snacks are bite-sized, crispy snacks made from a mixture of various ingredients such as multigrain, potato, corn, or veggies. Processed and compacted into small, pellet-shaped pieces, the versatility lies in their ability to be molded into various shapes, including squares, straws, sticks, onion rings, ripples, and twists.

  • Why choose Pellet Snacks?

    Snack pellets are surging in popularity globally due to their versatile shapes and textures, meeting the increasing demand for innovative snacking options among grocery retailers. These snacks can be crafted with a variety of ingredients and flavors, to cater to a diverse range of taste preferences.

Customizable Options

Create your perfect "Better For You" snack with our customizable base, shapes, and flavoring options. Endless combinations for personalized indulgence.

  • Base

    • Multigrain
    • Potato
    • Corn
    • Rice
    • Vegetable Mix
  • Shapes

    • Squares
    • Straws
    • Sticks
    • Rings
    • Ripples
    • Twists
  • Flavor

    • Topical Seasonings
    • Complex blends