The Mauro Robles Award: Celebrating Excellence

The Mauro Robles Award: Celebrating Excellence

At Anita’s Mexican Foods and La Reina locations, dedication, commitment, and excellence aren't just values; they're celebrated achievements. The Mauro Robles Award, named in honor of our esteemed founder, recognizes individuals whose outstanding contributions embody the spirit of our company. This year, we proudly announce Marcela Arechiga and Marisela Anguiano as the deserving recipients of this prestigious award.

Anita's Snacks Winner: Marcela Arechiga 🎉🌟

At Anita’s Mexican Foods, Marcela Arechiga stands as a testament to unwavering commitment. Recognized as the original employee from Ford Street who worked closely with our founder, Mauro Robles, Marcela's journey exemplifies the essence of the Mauro Robles Award. Her dedication went beyond duty; she crafted little boxes of products for Mauro himself, embodying kindness and care. Even during Mauro's illness, Marcela's concern and compassion never wavered. During the award ceremony, Mauro Robles' eldest grandson, Mauro Gomez, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Marcela for her inspiration and hard work. Marcela's colleagues praised her exceptional input, constant strive for improvement, and remarkable adaptability to changing roles and locations. Her positivity, honesty, and contagious smile have earned her respect and admiration from peers and partners alike. Marcela's coworkers describe her as the epitome of a committed, long-term employee—always ready to lend a helping hand and brighten the workplace with her infectious positivity.

La Reina Winner: Marisela Anguiano 🎉🌟

At La Reina, Marisela Anguiano shines as a beacon of excellence and dedication. Her positive attitude, commitment to safety, and continuous pursuit of knowledge make her a true asset to our team. As a trainer, Marisela's dedication to ensuring everyone's well-being and her willingness to go above and beyond in her role have not gone unnoticed. She consistently fosters teamwork, fixes issues promptly, and contributes innovative ideas to enhance team performance. Marisela's coworkers speak highly of her kindness, hard work, and respect for all. Her dedication to the company, demonstrated through loyalty and outstanding performance, sets a standard for excellence. Marisela's versatility in performing various job duties and her exceptional relationships with colleagues and supervisors further highlight her invaluable contributions.

Recognizing Excellence: Award Requirements and Rules

The Mauro Robles Award isn't just a recognition; it's a symbol of excellence and commitment. To be eligible for the award, nominees must exhibit exceptional dedication, interpersonal skills, and work performance. Requirements include a minimum one-year tenure, satisfactory attendance record, and active involvement in company activities. Winners are chosen by location, with the corporate winner receiving additional recognition and rewards.

Each recipient receives a dedicated parking spot for three months, a plaque commemorating their achievement, and a monetary award of $1000. The annual corporate winner receives an additional $2000, making the total prize potential up to $3000. While employees can receive the award more than once, there must be a two-year break between awards.

The Mauro Robles Award ceremony isn't just about honoring individuals; it's about celebrating the collective efforts that drive our company forward. Marcela Arechiga and Marisela Anguiano embody the values and principles upon which our company was founded, inspiring us all to reach new heights of excellence.

Congratulations to Marcela and Marisela for their outstanding achievements. Your dedication, positivity, and unwavering commitment serve as inspirations to us all. Here's to many more years of success and excellence at Anita’s Mexican Foods and La Reina!


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