Celebrating Our New 6 Sigma Green Belts!

Celebrating Our New 6 Sigma Green Belts!

This year, a select group of leaders and managers at Anita’s and La Reina participated in and successfully completed their 6 Sigma Course, earning their Six Sigma Green Belts last week. This significant achievement marks a milestone in our commitment to excellence in quality and delivery.

The 6 Sigma course included The Principles of 6 Sigma, The Project Stages of DMAIC, 6 Sigma Projects, and the Integration of Lean and 6 Sigma. The course was designed and facilitated by our Training and Consulting partner, Kirkpatrick Enterprises International (KEI), a globally recognized firm with extensive experience in transforming organizational operations and achieving strategic goals.

The Journey: DMAIC Phases

Our team navigated through the five phases of 6 Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC). 

  1. Define: The initial phase focused on defining potential customer-centric issues. 
  2. Measure: In this phase, our teams collected and measured data over several months to understand the impact of the identified issues. 
  3. Analyze: Using root cause analysis, the teams analyzed the data found.
  4. Improve: Armed with insights, the teams designed and implemented improvement strategies to achieve their project goals and the long-term solutions.
  5. Control: Finally, the teams established control measures to maintain the improvements. 

Commitment to Excellence: The Training Schedule

Anita's and La Reina's leaders and managers committed to a training schedule that required significant time and effort over six months. The course started in October 2023 and concluded in April 2024, with a graduation and a celebratory luncheon held in May 2024. 

Each week, participants dedicated over 2.5 hours to the program, including 1.5 hours in training sessions with KEI and an hour with their own teams to apply their learning to practical issues. This commitment, alongside their regular responsibilities, showcases their dedication and perseverance, leading to significant improvements in our operations and service delivery!


Partnership with Kirkpatrick Enterprises International

We extend our gratitude to Kirkpatrick Enterprises International (KEI) for their support and guidance throughout this program. KEI's approach specifically focuses on the practical application of theory, ensuring that our leaders could convert theoretical knowledge into actionable solutions. They have been a trusted partner, bringing decades of experience and expertise to the table. Since 1990, they have provided customized training and consulting services to over 150 companies across various industries, including food, automobile, aerospace, and much more! 

Click here to visit their website.

Impact and Future Outlook

The solutions developed during the 6 Sigma course have already started to create a significant impact on our organization as we implement new practices as well as provide training on new SOPs. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to leveraging these new capabilities to enhance our operations and deliver even greater value to our clients.

Thank you to KEI and to our entire team involved in this journey. Together, we are driving excellence and innovation in everything we do! 

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